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Montazer Ghaem Power Plant Complex
It is located at Karaj-Iran, which includes the following power generation units:
– Four steam turbo generator units with a capacity of 156.25MW each.
– Six gas turbo generator units each with a capacity of 116.4 MW each.
– Three units of combined cycle power plants with the capacity of 100 MW each.

Construction Accomplishment and Operation History:
The contract for the construction of the power plant was signed in 1967 between the Ministry of Energy and General Electric Company.
Unit 1 and 2 of steam turbo generators of the power plant were put into operation in September and February 1971 and unit 3 and 4 started their operation in October 1973, respectively.
During the operation, due to the country’s greater need for electricity, a contract for the construction of gas units of the power plant was signed in December 1989 between the Iran Power Generation and Transmission Joint Stock Company (Tavanir) affiliated to the Ministry of Energy and Unit International (ESA).
Two units of Gas turbines were put into operation in 1992 and four more units first started in 1993.

In ascending course of increasing the need and necessity of producing more energy as well as the minimal use of resources, it was decided to build three combined cycle units in Montazer Ghaem power plant complex. Combined cycle steam unit 1 joined the electricity grid in 1999 and units 2 and 3 in 2000, in which Mapna Company, affiliated to the Ministry of Energy, was in charge of the project.
In 2011, Montazer Ghaem power plant’s modality was transformed into a private sector whose ownership transferred to Kharazmi Investment Company (public stock).

Executive and service capabilities:
– Consulting and accepting technical operations related to steam, gas and combined cycle turbo generator units.

– Cooperating on the base of commissioning.

– Accepting orders for all types of cooling tower wood saturated by modern machinery based on international standards.

– Delivery of distilled water and acid water to industrial units and other consumers.
– Providing any advice on industrial water treatment and chemical control of boilers.
-Chemical flashing of steam generating equipment’s, heat exchangers, cooling equipment, etc.

– Translation of technical-specialized texts of power plants.
Address: Karaj; 7,th km of Mallard Road; Montazer Ghaem Electricity Generation Management Company; Postal Code 43651-31676; PO Box 416- 31585 Phone: +9826 3660070-5; Fax: +982636600708; Email: info@mgpg.ir

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